Bluegrass - Learning to Jam

Adult Bluegrass  - Learning to Jam

The Bluegrass Learning to Jam class is open to all bluegrass instruments: banjo, fiddle (violin), guitar, mandolin, bass and Dobro, and is geared towards beginner and intermediate musicians who are interested in learning how to play with other musicians. We will focus on the basics of bluegrass jamming including collaboration, ear training, keeping time, non-verbal communication and jam etiquette. The primary goal is to provide the students with the skills and experience needed to participate in bluegrass jams.

There are no pre-requisite songs, and you don't need to be able to play solos on your instrument, sing, or read music. Guitar, banjo, and mandolin players should be able to switch between the chords G, C, D and A smoothly. This class will focus on the skills necessary to play songs you've never heard before, including how to follow a guitar player's chords. You are welcome to bring a recording device; however, it won’t be necessary as we will record each class and share the recordings between classes.

Please contact us if interested in the class.

14 - Adult
Thursday, 7:00 PM
60 minutes
Not offered this semester