Adventures in Group Guitar

Adventures in Group Guitar

 Further develop your musicianship while expanding your body of repertoire. We take a song-based approach to learning new musical skills and techniques. Emphasis is on getting songs up to speed and devoting time to playing the tunes together. 

By the end of the semester, students will have acquired:

  • an introduction to lead melody playing, including the ability to improvise a simple solo
  • an introduction to fingerpicking
  • movable chord voicings up the neck
  • deeper knowledge of Roman numeral chord notation (I, ii7, iii, etc.)
  • the ability to follow and create a chord chart
  • closed-position, transposable major and minor scale patterns
  • a new batch of songs under their fingers

By the end of the class, we will able to play together, confidently, on 6-10 songs that span the breadth of the ever-expanding, American Roots songbook. Moreover, students will have gained new ideas, insights, and approaches to playing with others.

If interested in this class, please email our Student Services Manager.

Monday, 6:30 pm
90 minutes, 14 sessions
Not offered this semester