Acoustic scene at CCM this fall

Acoustic Group Classes at CCM

Nurture your child's passion for music or expand YOUR music skills. It's all about the guitar and mandolin this fall.

  • Group Guitar Level 1 for kids. They'll learn about note reading, proper technique, chords, scales, and more, while having fun! Register today>>
  • Group Guitar Level 2. Students grow their musical skills and learn new songs. They receive one-on-one attention in class in addition to learning how to play in a group. Register today>>
  • Rock Lab and Rock Lab 2. Your teen's dream of playing in a rock band begins! Practicing, playing in the community, and working together provides an amazing learning experience. To arrange for a placement evaluation, please complete this online Ensemble Audition Form.
  • Adventures in Group Guitar & Mandolin Level I and Level II. (For teens and adults) Learn new musical skills and techniques by playing fun songs. Add skills for improvising, fingerpicking, creating chord charts, and master movable chords. Emphasis is on getting songs up to speed and devoting time to playing the tunes together.

Register for Adventures in Group Guitar & Mandolin Level I

Register for Adventures in Group Guitar & Mandolin Level 2

For more information, call us at (978) 369-0010.

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